Specification for DWHR in Energy Star For New Homes
(EnerGuide 83)
(effective December 1, 2012 in Ontario)

The following is updated information for
Energy Star for New Homes (EnerGuide 83).
The information is provided for assisting builders in Ontario, Canada.


Where installed, Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery (DWHR) units shall be:

  1. installed according to the manufacturer's instructions
  2. mounted vertically (not to exceed 5 degrees off vertical)
  3. installed on a stack that contains at least one shower
  4. be on NRCan's list of approved systems


Ontario Builder Option Points for Builder Option Packages
(Prescriptive Approach)

POWER-PIPE Model & Configuration Zone 1 Zone 2
R3-36 and smaller (<%42 steady state), one shower 0.5 0.4
R3-36 and smaller (<%42 steady state), two showers 1.0 0.8
R3-42 and larger (≥%42 steady state), one shower 0.7 0.5
R3-42 and larger (≥%42 steady state), two showers 1.3 1.0

NOTE: Builders in Ontario require 2.4 option points in Zone 1 (Southern Ontario) and 2.5 points in Zone 2 (Ottawa area and northern Ontario).

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