Falling film heat exchangers

have been around for decades. Other than utilizing the "falling film" effect, however, the Power-Pipe® has little in common with other Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) devices.

Best Quality Design

The Power-Pipe's exclusive, patent-pending design gives it many advantages over competitive devices. These are either "first generation" units (consisting of a single coil wrapped around the drainpipe) or "second generation" units (consisting of 2 or more first generation units stacked on top of one another). Neither of these technologies delivers satisfactory performance without compromising comfort and peace of mind.

First generation units suffer from high water pressure loss in the freshwater supply, which causes flow problems. Second generation units resolve the pressure loss issue by adopting a non-counter flow heat exchanger design, which delivers a low heat transfer performance.

The Power-Pipe features multiple coils wrapped in parallel around a central drainpipe. This patent-pending design resolves the pressure drop issue while keeping a counter flow configuration, thus maximizing heat transfer performance. Independent third-party tests have proven that the Power-Pipe's overall performance is far superior to that of competitive DWHR devices.

In addition, the Power-Pipe's self-cleaning design assures a maintenance-free operation.

Best Quality Materials

The Power-Pipe is manufactured using quality materials. Copper DWV used for the inner drain pipe is compliant with the ASTM B306 standard. The Type L or Type K Copper used for the outer coils is compliant with the ASTM B88 standard. All parts are silver soldered or brazed.

Best Quality Manufacturing

The Power-Pipe is precision manufactured and subject to numerous quality assurance checks throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, every Power-Pipe System is individually tested according to a rigid protocol, to a pressure of 160 PSI (11, 03 bars) before leaving the RenewABILITY Energy Inc. plant.

Certifications & Approvals

The Power-Pipe's quality and effectiveness are recognized throughout North America:
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