The market for Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) Systems is rapidly expanding along with the consumer's concerns about the cost of energy and the environmental impact of wasting energy.

The Power-Pipe offers significant new sales and profit opportunities for dealers serving the residential plumbing and heating marketplace. RenewABILITY Energy Inc. has developed a program for dealers and provides a special support helping them turn opportunities into sales.

The Power-Pipe Dealer program includes:

Register for the Power-Pipe Dealer Program

1. Download the Dealer Agreement
2. Download the Confidentiality Agreement
3. Fax signed copies to us along with a Proof of Liability Insurance:

You will then receive a Power-Pipe price list. Order a minimum of 4 units (as detailed in the Dealer Agreement), then complete your online sales and installation training. In order to maintain your dealer status, you must purchase at least 12 units in a one-year period.

The Power-Pipe Dealer program offers high value to you with a minimum risk and no commitment to large inventory. It was designed to allow smaller, independent dealers to compete against large, national chains with the same level of technical, sales and marketing support. Register to take advantage of this program.