Builders and developers who focus on building "greener" and on controlling project costs trust the Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) technology to help them achieve both goals.

The Power-Pipe is a proven, energy saving technology that is based on a fundamental physical principle called the "falling film" effect.

Although other products exploit the properties of falling films, the Power-Pipe''s exclusive, patent-pending design makes it the most efficient DWHR technology available. It not only generates energy and cost savings of 20 to 40% in residential applications, it can also reduce green house gas emissions by up to 1 ton per year per each single-family home installation.

By using Power-Pipe Systems, you can add value to your projects and establish a competitive advantage. The Power-Pipe offers twice the annual energy savings of a tankless water heater, works with any primary water heater, and has the lowest upfront cost of any heating saving technologies (for example, tankless water heaters and solar water heating systems).

Developers can reduce upfront costs even further by participating in one of the many energy efficiency incentive programs that are offered by governments and power utility companies. Check which programs are available in your area.

The Power-Pipe is manufactured using high-quality materials and is backed by full technical support and by a 10 year warranty.

Many builders are already profiting from the advantages that the Power-Pipe offers to them, including such well-known names as Mattamy Homes, Eden Homes, Alouette Homes, Reid''s Heritage Homes and Homes by Dominion Park.

RenewABILITY Energy Inc. makes special programs available to developers who want to include the Power-Pipe in their projects. Please contact RenewABILITY Energy Inc. for more information.