Save up to 60% on Water Heating Energy Costs!

For many commercial enterprises, the cost of heating water is their largest energy expense but most of this water ends up going down the drain. Warm drain water is a source of potential energy savings often ignored.

A Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) System can recover a large portion of that energy and generate significant cost savings in a broad range of commercial applications, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Power-Pipe can be used in applications such as...


Health Clubs




Military Bases


And Many More!

A Power-Pipe DWHR System in commercial applications can generate savings of up to 60% on water-heating-associated energy costs. In addition, the initial investment in a Power-Pipe System is modest. Thus, commercial enterprises can expect a solid return on investment and a full payback in 1 to 5 years.

Power-Pipe Systems are scalable for use in large flow and low flow applications. Also, they are UL listed and safe for use in potable water applications, such as food preparation. Made of quality materials throughout, Power-Pipe Systems require little or no maintenance.


Commercial Installation in Niagara Falls Ontario

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