Builders and developers who focus on building energy efficient homes and controlling project costs trust the Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) technology to help them achieve both goals.

By using Power-Pipe Systems, you can add value to your projects and establish a competitive advantage. The Power-Pipe offers twice the annual energy savings of a tankless water heater, works with any primary water heater, and has the lowest upfront cost of any heating saving technologies (for example, tankless water heaters and solar water heating systems).


Installation Options for New Homes

Most Energy Efficient Installation

2D diagram_EqFlow

To get the most out of the Power-Pipe Drain Water Heat Recovery system, plumb all of the cold water through the unit, after the water softener if one exists. In this installation, both the water heater and the cold side of the shower will receive Power-Pipe tempered water.

Preheated water to water heater only

In situations where the preferred installation method is impractical or impossible, the preheated water from the Power-Pipe can be plumbed directly to the water heater. This results is 26% lower efficiency of the unit, but still recovers valuable heat energy.

2D diagram_HW Only
2D diagram_CW Only

Preheated water to cold side of shower only

The Power-Pipe preheated water can also be supplied to the cold side of the shower only, reducing the amount of hot water demanded from the water heater. This set up also reduces the efficiency of the unit by about 26%.


Reduce your HERS score by up to 3 points!

Drain Water Heat Recovery is now included in the RESNET software. To learn more about including the DWHR technology in your new homes, sign up for one of our training sessions.

HERS is like a MPG rating for homes! Watch the introductory video here.


Ontario Builders

Effective January 1, 2017, Drain Water Heat Recovery is mandatory in all Ontario Building Code SB-12 prescriptive paths. These requirements apply to new single-family homes built in Ontario. This table provides a useful summary of the new requirements.

To view the official Ontario Code Update bulletin, please click here.

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Web_Ontario SB-12 2017 checklist

Manitoba Builders

In April 2016, Drain Water Heat Recovery became mandatory for new construction in Manitoba, making it the first jurisdiction in North America to require the installation of DWHR devices. This legislation is similar to what is now in place in Ontario, but also applies to multi-unit residential buildings. For more information on these requirements, see our helpful chart or contact us.

Manitoba Requirements (2)

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