Cost-effective Energy Savings

Advanced heat exchanger technology offers significant energy and cost savings anywhere you use warm or hot fluids in your operations. Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR) Systems enable manufacturers and processors to decrease energy costs and to reduce their operation's environmental impact by using energy far more efficiently. The patented and patent-pending Power-Pipe DWHR System reclaims and recycles a substantial portion of the heat energy (generally 90% of the heat and associated energy costs) that is typically lost in waste fluid in most industrial processes and operations.


Major applications include...

Pulp and Paper



Parts Washing

Food Processing

Automotive Industry

Meat Packing


...and any application where a substantial quantity of hot fluid is drained!


Excellent ROI

The potential for energy and cost savings is often very large in industrial applications because of the large volume of heated fluids consumed. The Power-Pipe can recover up to 70% of waste fluid heat and use it to preheat fluids before they enter a primary water heater.

No or Low-maintenance Systems

The Power-Pipe's energy and cost savings potential is easily realized in a wide range of applications, recovering heat energy from sources such as coolants, condensates and hot process waters.

Power-Pipe Systems are non-clogging, maintenance-free and scalable for use in large flow and low flow applications. They are UL listed and safe for use in potable water applications, such as food processing. In addition, Power-Pipe Systems can be easily coated for use in hostile and corrosive environments.

Power-Pipe Unilever system


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