The Power-Pipe® can be easily retrofit in many existing homes.

This system works with any type of water heater and can save you money with every shower. Any plumber has the knowledge necessary to install a Power-Pipe and this retrofit could even be done by a handy homeowner!

Retrofit Checklist

Use this handy checklist to see if you and your home are good candidates for a Power-Pipe Drain Water Heat Recovery System.

✔ You want to save money on your energy bills

✔ There are two or more people in your home

✔ Your home is 2 or more stories, including the basement

✔ The vertical drain pipe which handles the flow from the main shower is accessible/visible

✔ The length of the vertical shower drain pipe is 33 inches or more, without any pipe branches interrupting this length

Check Mark

If you did not answer yes to all of the preceding questions, it still may be feasible to install a Power-Pipe. Our staff has many years of experience with Drain Water Heat Recovery customer service and installation. Call or email us about your house to learn about options that are available!

A Sampling of Power-Pipe Installations

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