After over 15 years in the business, we have heard a lot of questions from our customers. Here is a collection of some of the more common questions we have answered.

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Does a Power-Pipe work with an on-demand water heater?

Yes! Power-Pipe Drain Water Heat Recovery systems save money and energy when used with any water heating system.

Can I install a Power-Pipe horizontally?

The Power-Pipe is designed to be installed vertically and this is the most efficient installation method. However, in situations where there is a high volume of hot water used, and no vertical drain stack, it may be beneficial to install a Power-Pipe horizontally. There is a decrease in efficiency of about half when the unit is installed in a horizontal configuration, so a longer unit should be considered.

The Power-Pipe just supplies preheated water to the water heater, right?

Actually, the most efficient way to install a Power-Pipe is to plumb all the fresh water in the house through the unit. When installed this way, not only does preheated water get supplied to the water heater, but the cold side of the shower also receives this preheated flow, reducing the amount of hot water that will be demanded from the water heater. Visit our Installation page for more details on installation variations.

Do I have to insulate the Power-Pipe?

The Power-Pipe only requires insulation when sweating is a concern. Sweating or condensation can accumulate when the system is located behind drywall. If you are installing the Power-Pipe in an unfinished area of a conditioned space, any heat "loss" will just minimally heat the area it is located in. Sometimes in very humid locations, excessive sweating will occur similar to what you would see on the outside of a toilet in a warm room. Insulation can help to minimize this sweating.


Multi-family Residential and Commercial Application Questions


Do I need one Power-Pipe for every unit in my building?

No, the commercial Power-Pipe series can handle up to 6 showers on one unit. Factors affecting the set up and installation include the layout of the building, the flow rate of the showers, and the water heating system. We would be happy to provide a feasibility study on your application, just fill out the form on our Multi-family page.